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At Rust Free Car we have beautiful Classic Southwestern Cars, Trucks, 4X4’s, and Rust Free Parts For Sale….

It’s getting harder, and harder to find just the right rust free older car, truck , or part you want. Just like real estate (they’re not making anymore real estate), they’re not making these beautiful metal classics anymore. Now it’s all made of plastic, and the quality has gone downhill.


Guess what. You don’t have to live in Nevada to own this Premium Domain Name. If you live in a state that has Rust, and Rust problems, but you sell “Rust Free Cars, trucks and/or parts”, then this is the Premium Domain Name is for you.    

We are Selling this Premium Domain Name ONLY for $14,270.00 (The website is rubbish. I just put something on there to keep it ranked in Google). 


~ We also have available:

– RustFreeCars.com that we’ve owned since 2002 : $18,270.00

RustFreeTruck.com that we’ve owned since 2013: $14,270.00

Payment by Credit Card or Bank to Bank transfer only.

We have priced these Premium Domain Names fairly unlike some of the domain Names we see For Sale.

Yes, the price is negotiable as long as it’s going up.. This saves us both time, and trouble. I know the value of this website, and I’m not here to try to talk you into buying it. A smart, intelligent business person can see the value.

~ If you want to buy the premium domain name (RustFreeCar.com)

: the price is: $14,270.00

Option A: Pay all at once, $14,270

Option B: Monthly payments for 9 months: An initial deposit of $1,995, then monthly payments on a balance of $15,505 for 9 months until paid in full. ($1,723/month for 9 months). That equals $17,500. Since I’m not a bank, I have monthly expenses just like you, so if you want to save money then choose Option A.

No Interest, No Credit Check.

You should make crazy stupid money with this domain name (I’m not saying you will though), if you have a decent website (along with decent vehicles, parts, and pricing, AND you’re good at selling), AND ranking on the 1st page of Google for your area.
When you purchase this domain name, I will also build you a decent website (not this one, this one is rubbish. I just put it here to keep the ranking on Google going). The website will include up to 50 product pages (vehicles and/or parts), and 8 main pages (Example: Home, About, Contact etc….) of your vehicles/parts/content that you give me.
If you want to see some demo websites that I’ve made please go to https://beachsidewebservices.com/website-options/
I will also get your domain name/website (www.rustfreecar.com) on the 1st page of Google for your particular area/location/city (1 location only), (example: Las Vegas, Nv; A City in Arizona, etc…) for 4 months. 
You will be ranked on the 1st page of Google for 4 months after purchase, and the website is up and running. Please keep in mind that Google has a mind of it’s own, and when it updates or changes it’s algorithms you might not be on the 1st page everyday for 4 months straight. You will be on the 1st page of Google the majority of the time though. The time for the 4 months of ranking on the 1st page of Google begins AFTER I’ve ranked the URL/Website. 
If you have good products, along with competitive pricing, you should make your purchase back easily (I’m not saying you will because you’re not me. I could though). Keep in mind, your idea of decent, and competitive might be different than mine. Also I don’t know your selling skills. I know I could get my money back if I had this offer; yet I can’t/won’t guarantee that you will. 
Please ask ALL questions BEFORE you purchase so there are no misunderstandings, and because there are NO-REFUNDS for any reason. 
Message me with any questions BEFORE you buy, NOT AFTER please..




To Buy this Premium Domain Name click the ‘ORDER BUTTON” which will take you ‘Add To Cart’ Button to pay by Credit Card or Bank to Bank Transfer.

~ If you want to use Payment Plan B, the monthly payment plan then talk to me through Messenger so I can set it up for you.

email: info@rustfreecar.com

~ We have owned this Premium Domain Name since 2013. It has been very good to us.

~Google: ‘rust free car las vegas’, and see where it comes up in the search results.

If you want a great looking website we can do that also.

Beachside Web Services.